Canning City Embraces the Rubbish Revolution: A New Approach to Waste Management

The City of Canning is leading the way in waste management innovation, saying goodbye to the traditional annual bulk rubbish verge collections. This change is set to revolutionize the way residents manage their waste, offering a more flexible and efficient solution.

Starting next year, Canning residents will have the opportunity to request a skip bin twice a year, a move that is expected to better accommodate the needs of households. This change comes in response to a significant 20% increase in the size of rubbish piles left on verges over the past two years.

Mayor Patrick Hall expressed concern at a recent council meeting about the amount of rubbish that ends up in the Canning River from piles left for collection in the streets. The new skip bin system is expected to not only keep our streets cleaner but also protect our precious waterways.

The city staff are optimistic that the new system will be more convenient for residents, allowing them to dispose of their waste when it suits them, rather than adhering to a set schedule. This is expected to result in cleaner, more attractive streets and potentially reduce waste management costs.

In addition to the new skip bin service, households will also receive two annual passes to the Canning waste transfer station on Ranford Road. Plus, residents will be entitled to annual mattress collections, further enhancing the city's waste management services.

This innovative approach to waste management is a testament to the City of Canning's commitment to providing efficient services that meet the needs of its residents while also protecting the environment. We, at our skip bin brokerage company, are excited to be part of this rubbish revolution, providing skip bins to help Canning residents manage their waste more effectively.

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