Waste Types

Finding the right bin for the right job can be an easy task, Use our guide below.


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What CANNOT go in the Skip Bins.

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General Waste

NO Asbestos or other hazard waste
NO Cleanfill/Hardfill
NO Food/Waste Products
NO Fridges


NO Asbestos or other hazard waste
NO Food/Waste ProductsB
NO Sand, Soil, Clay or Dirt
NO General Waste
NO Garden Waste

Mixed Heavy Waste

NO Asbestos or other hazard waste
NO Food/Waste Products
NO Sand, Soil, Clay or Dirt

Green Waste

NO Asbestos or other hazard waste
NO Food/Waste Products
NO Sand, Soil, Clay or Dirt
NO General Waste
NO Cleanfill/Hardfill
NO Cabbage Trees, Bamboo or Flax
NO Tree Trunks or Stumps


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

How high can I fill the bin?

Skip bins can only be filled to the rim, This is in order for the drivers to cover and transport the bin safely.

What can I put in the bin?

You can find out what you can put in what type of bin by visiting our waste type page however there are a few items that we do no accept in any of our bins such as food, asbestos, chemicals, liquid, oils, paints, gas bottles or fire extinguishers.

What skip bins can I order from SkipBin.com?

We service both commercial and residential customers.
Marrel Skip Bin - Most common metal container which is lifted off the skip truck.
Hooklift Skip Bins - This is a larger bin that is longer in length but shorter on the sides. Space is needed to unload/load this bin as it will be rolled off the back of the truck.
Mobile Skip Bin - This is a box trailer that in most cases has a lockable lid.
Skip Bag - By special request, Will arrive flat packed.

What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is measured by the depth x width x length.

What type of skip bin will I need?

Use our guide on the Waste Types Page however if you still unsure please contact us.

What size skips does SkipBin.com offer?

We offer skip bin sizes 2 Cubic Metres, 3 Cubic Metres, 4 Cubic Metres, 6 Cubic Metres, 9 Cubic Metres, 15 Cubic Metres and 17 Cubic Metres
On special request we can also offer: 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 20, 25 and 30 Cubic Metre skip bins.

Can the skip be placed on the nature strip?

In most cases the bin can be delivered onto the nature strip, however, the skip bin cannot block pedestrian access or utility pits. Council’s will require a permit which you will need to arrange prior to the skip bin being delivered.
On the skip delivery drop off and pick up, access will be required from 7:00am.

Can I extend the hire of the bin?

Please get in contact with us ASAP as we'll need to make sure the bin is available for the extra time you require.

Why should I book through SkipBin.com?

SkipBin is an Indigenous Owned and Operated Business that has been registered and certified by Supply Nation.

We treat our suppliers the same way we do our customers, We're passionate about what we do, and we hope you see that.

Can I get my skip picked up earlier?

No problem, Reach out to us so we can organise an earlier collection date.