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The Foundation of was founded in 2019 with the primary-focus of bringing a better customer experience to the average skip bin booking process.

We realised that the average skip bin provider is often an owner operator, which juggles several tasks a day and sometimes this can negatively impact on how the customer can feel after interacting with a supplier.

This may come in the way of unanswered calls, unanswered voicemails, a broken promise of a call back, a lack of enthusiasm of customer service, or overall a lack of passion while shopping around for the best price and service when picking a skip bin supplier. vs

A quick Google Search of Book A Bin ( will show the average review rating of 1.4 stars out of 5 over 120 individual customer reviews which can be seen here:

According to the Yellow Pages their reviews do not get much better with 1 Star (

and reviews at Word of Mouth have Book A Bin coming in with a 1.5 Star average out of 5 ( has been in business since 2001, but the first snapshot of their website being in operation is in 2006. has had the same website design, and system since 2013, almost nine-years and seems to not have updated many of their features of their website. is owned and operated by a company called Hartford Technologies Limited and is based and operated from their main office in New Zealand, not Australia although they may have an Australian Office.

The Owners and Directors of are from New Zealand background, and more recently now run a physical waste recycling plant called Green Gorilla which they have invested millions of dollars, and receive a $9M NZD Government Assistance Contract for the operation of rubbish and recycling disposal.

Hartford also owns a division in Australia that produces and supplies Bunnings Warehouse and other warehouse companies with tough bags also known as Skip Bags which would suggest their primary focus is no longer but now in the retail, manufacturing, sorting and processing of waste and consumable products.

How is compared to Bookabin? is an Australian Owned and Operated company that has been independently audited and reviewed to be a Supply Nation Registered Indigenous Business with at least 51% of Directors being of Aboriginal Background.

We do not own waste management facilities, nor do we operate a retail business model that supplies warehouses, our focus is to bring the best features, service and prices to our Australian customers and work with our Australian suppliers to keep the economy flowing, and all of the profits stay within Australia not overseas in New Zealand.

We regularly cold-call and review our operations to see where we can improve our services, and our suppliers at a phone call can book a meeting with any of our employees or directors for a coffee and a yarn.

Our primary goal is centred around the Environment, backed by an Indigenous Heritage of over 60,000 years we know a thing or two about Land Management.

Dylan Gow
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